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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

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Civicon adopted Safety First as part of our commitment to improve safety standards within our company and within the industry.  We operate several safety initiatives to create, foster and enforce a culture where everyone goes home every-day unharmed.  These include

  1. Deploying staff  safely to potentially hazardous areas
  2. Administering safety inductions when entering areas that have hazards
  3. Issuing protective equipment to all employees working in areas that are hazardous.  E.g. safety boots, safety spectacles, high-visibility jackets
  4. Maintaining safety records
  5. Providing information on potential hazards through signage, barriers and safety marshalls
  6. Driving a culture of safety through interactive engagement with staff during regular ToolBox talks and specific training exercises and drills
  7. Disciplining staff who do not adhere to safety standards

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Quality Assurance, Quality Control 

Civicon operates to the highest internationally recognized standards, whilst strictly adhering to domestic laws and regulations. In our world QA/QC is a by-word for efficiency and safety.  To this end we have established strict QA/QC for our operations. Civicon is committed to the continual improvement of processes and services, to provide quality testing services, to ensure all staff are competent and qualified and to comply with relevant project standards.

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