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At any given time, Civicon has more than 10 large sites operating across the region, often in a completely new environment. This gives us a real appreciation of the importance of quickly building and maintaining relationships.  As such we have developed community relationships based on Education & Training, Culture & Arts, Environment and Sports.   

Community Picture

Civicon's strategy is to leverage on the Company's capabilities and experience to build both national and community capabilities/capacities within the context of employment creation and supply of goods & services culminating in transfer of technical and business expertise; as highlighted below.

  1. The recruitment, selection and training of community members in line with applicable laws, policies and performance standards.
  2. Aligning the supply chain to match the capability of local suppliers in terms of timing, finance and manpower.
  3. Transfer of technical and business expertise to locals through training and other forms of capacity building.

Our decades of experience and knowledge of the operating environment is crucial in understanding the local context in terms of demand-side requirements, supply-side capabilities, and the barriers that limit locals from participation.

Drawing on our experience we have put in place a policy that provides for procurement of goods and services from the local community and utilizes locally grown or manufactured goods, as our first point of purchase.

The policy has been implemented successfully in all our construction/operational sites, with an objective of:

  1. Maintaining steady and sustainable flow of supplies of goods and services.
  2. Enhancing engagement with stakeholders. Civicon is committed to establishing positive relations with the communities that are directly impacted by its operations.
  3. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Managing operational costs.
  5. Enhancing the capabilities and capacities of the local workforce. Civicon provides employment opportunities to the community people in the area of operation whilst gaining and maintaining a social partner in support of operational success.

With a focus on capacity building, our two core areas include developing the workforce and the supply base. Employing local staff is an established objective of Civicon. To that end, we have evolved comprehensive competency development systems to ensure that local employees can perform effectively and safely in these complex sites.