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Touch Rugby

Civicon have a two pronged approach to touch rugby, in that we support existing rugby players in this social aspect of their game and introduce new recruits to the wonderful world of rugby! Whilst touch rugby is not the same as full contact rugby (which is a highly physical, technical and specialized sport) it is a great stepping stone to the game.


Touch rugby has led to a number of benefits to the Civicon fraternity as outlined below: 

  1. It allows more people than would ordinarily be exposed to the game to become familiar with the rules and principals opening up the opportunity to become a passionate fan.
  2. It allows for men and women to compete on an equal footing.
  3. It acts as a team building activity.
  4. It works on fitness (and the subsequent health benefits both mental and physical), discipline (self and team) and tactical awareness and planning, all vital contributory factors in the workplace (and life!)

Our support of touch rugby started in 2011 with the sponsorship of the Kenya Woman's Rugby team, it grew into support for local (Mombasa) rugby (both professional and beginner) and we are delighted to report it now includes our very own Civicon Staff social team!


Last year Civicon sponsored teams took home 3 of the 4 available trophies' (including the Main Cup) at the International Diani Touch Rugby tournament, this year we came home with none of the silver wear having lost our two finals but it as usual great fun and a show case for our inaugural Civicon employees team. 

The Kenya Women's sorority held a fund raising event in Nairobi in August 2013, as it is a cause close to our hearts Civicon were happy to sponsor four teams (2 all female 2 mixed) who were keen to play but unable to afford it.  

Ciivicon Football Club (Civicon FC)

Civicon FC was formed in 1997 by a small group of workers who not only enjoyed the sport, but believed there were co-workers within the company who possessed a talent for the sport that could be nurtured. The teams management remains very much an internal affair from Chairman to Coach however the team has since evolved into a community unity team and has moved higher up the local rankings. Civicon FC currently holds fifth position in the South Coast Provisional League. They have played many teams, recently even the Super Eagles, where they won with a score of 1-0 in zone B. We have also started a community junior team to nurture future talent and help children who otherwise would not be able to enjoy the nurturing and positive environment of a sports team and the competitive advantage of management.