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Mid & Downstream Oil & Gas

With a population in excess of 200 million people, the East African region is an active and rapidly expanding downstream oil & gas environment. Oil companies have to battle with poor transport logistics and storage infrastructure often having to build their own facilities where in developed markets they would have taken advantage of common-use facilities.

Civicon has grown into being a market leader in this sector and is confident about its future given the continued population growth, increasing affluence, as well as the entry into the market of domestic oil marketing firms and international oil trading firms who, together with the traditional oil majors, have driven innovation and greater access to fuel for consumers.  On the back of this the region is also discussing a significant upgrade of oil infrastructure facilities including new jetties, pipelines, LNG, LPG and the diversification of transport across road, rail and pipeline.

In this sector we have:

  1. Built tank farms and associated pipelines and piping
  2. Provided engineering services for the Kenya Petroleum Refineries shutdown for the last 37 yrs
  3. On-going and on-line maintenance to oil facilities
  4. Provided transportation services to oil companies 

Our success in this sector has arisen out of maintaining our engineering and building standards in line with international codes (e.g. API) as well as managing the engineering and safety standards of the host nation and the customer’s internal standards

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