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Power Generation

Most African countries are realising that insufficient power supply is having adverse effects on their respective economies and drive to industrialise.  The increasing demands of modern life is amplifying this pressure, as the use of labour saving devices in the home, the growth of the IT and mobile telecoms industry and the importance of the media in daily lives, makes living with electricity a necessity, where before it was a luxury.  

East African countries (with combined population in excess of 200 million) have a per capita electricity generation of less than 25W (Kenya 25, Uganda 6, Tz 9), South Africa has 457W.  Even Ghana with relatively similar economic circumstances to the Eastern African nations has a per capita generation of 29W (based on the world fact book).  As such we have seen tremendous activity in building of power plants in the region.

Civicon’s part in this has included: 

  1. Geothermal:  36 MW Orpower 4, 48 MW Orpower 3, 2.3 MW Eburru, 
  2. Thermal:  90 MW Rabai,  120 MW Kipevu, 

We are also actively pursuing the hydro, coal, wind and biomass sectors, which are important sectors in the region and form part of the least-cost development plans for the countries in the region.