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Solvochem Tank Farm

Project Details

  • Client: Solvochem East Africa Ltd
  • Design, fabricate and erect 4 new chemical solvent tanks, including all civil and mechanical works and associated piping. 
  • The facility has a prime location but had out grown existing capacity. Civicon located four areas within the existing tank farm in which to fabricate 4 new tanks expanding capacity by 3,000cbm using 10m x 14m, 9m x 14m, 8m x 12m and 7m x 12m tanks respectively. 
  • Accessibility within the operational facility was also constrained. With no space for heavy machinery all excavations were carried out manually, cement was poured using skips lifted by a crane. The tanks were erected using the jacking method as it was not feasible to erect using cranes (the radii where too large so without multiple locations cranes would become boom bound).This required building each shell course at ground level then jacking them up. The bottom plate followed by the top shell course and curb angle. The tank is then jacked 2.5m where the roof is fitted simultaneously with the next shell course. 
  • At each new shell course all external fittings can be attached giving constant access to the roof, the tank is painted as it is lifted and by the time the final (1st) shell course is installed the tank is basically ready for hydro testing and commissioning. 
  • Note this method almost completely negates the risk involved with working at height.